About Me



Hello, my name is Nathaniel Jackson, and I am the owner and manager of Nathaniel Jackson Productions.  Nathaniel Jackson Productions is based here in Topeka, Kansas.


Before beginning Nathaniel Jackson Productions in 2018, I was the owner and manager of NateDog Productions from 2000 to 2011.  Because of the change in our American economy in 2011, it was decided that it was best for NateDog Productions to end its run in business.  While in operation, NateDog Productions had a total listing of eight clients.

In addition to being the owner and manager of Nathaniel Jackson Productions, I am a junior college student at Washburn University in Topeka with a major emphasis in graphic design and a minor in mass media with an emphasis in film and video.  While I will be focusing my time in half between running my business, and the other towards my studies at the university during the spring and fall semesters, there may be a few times that I will need to consider the resources more at the university.


When it comes to my work ethics, you can find myself to be detail oriented, creative, thinking outside the box and able to provide several concept ideas as well as giving an accurate time frame for when each phase is completed.




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